Walk On by Ben Malcomson

Here is a review of Walk On by Ben Malcomson . This book is an autobiography of Ben Malcomson. He started out as a journalist for sports. He ended up being very surprised and making the USC football team as a walk on. He enjoyed the huge surprise. He ends up dislocating his shoulder after being in the team a very short time. It was a real disappointment to him. . He needed surgery and rehab and was kicked off the team. He had to work hard to get back on the team. The shoulder injury was a huge trial. He was injured more than He had hoped and had to deal with the ups and downs of recovery. Once He was put on the team his friend started a campaign with a a website getbenin and also all over the campus. Ben decided to try to have a prayer meeting and a Bible study for the team. He was disappointed when hardly anyone showed up. After that He decided to give Bibles to all the team members . He put the the Bibles in each team members locker. Unfortunately
He came back to Bibles being shredded . Later He found out at least two people were impacted strongly by the Bibles. Each chapter ends with a verse and application to the Christian life. It is a very personable book and practical. He walks the reader through his spiritual growth. I really feel this book would be a good devotional book for a person who is interested in sports. Ben did not have an easy upbringing with an alcoholic Mom and for every challenge He faces in the book including her He shows the reader how God can be the answer and take care of the solutions to life's problems. It is always great to remember we need to depend on God for the challenges we face in life. I commend Ben for his wonderful book.I thank Waterbrook for this opportunity to read and review this book and also will be sharing the review with Amazon, my blog , Goodreads, my pastors, a librarian for a church and some friends.


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