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Let Go and Let God is an Amish story. It is about their practice of the children making their decision to 

take the Amish practices or declining.  Ruth goes to stay with her aunt when she is at that stage. Her 

parents are concerned she will choose to go the English ways instead of the Amish. They have to remind 

themselves to let go of their worries and trust God in the midst of their anxieties. When Sadie is getting 

attention from an Englisher near where the aunt lives she contacts her father with her concern. He 

decided to let go and let God and not talk to Sadie. This book is a good reminder to trust God with my 

4/5: The book Lawfully Protected is a romance and also has suspense. It is well written and makes the reader want to know what will happen next. Allison McBride is the main character. She goes to purchase clothing for her cat and ends up involved in a drug bust . She was questioned by Officer Bronson Murphy. She was caught off guard by her attraction to him. In her daily life there is a man by the name of Barry who continues to intrude on her life in various ways. He first puts a rather odd plant at her front door. He then continues to follow her all over. She feels very intruded by his advances .  He  makes multiple attempts to bother  Allison.  After a date with Bronson  they  both go into her   place  and  find the place has been   broken into.   Immediately Bronson   gets a restraining  order and  has her locks changes and protective   devices put in place.    Barry  ends up showing up  at a street fair   Allison is at   and  physically  attacks her  when Bronson is not present B…
Boston  Bride Salvation   by Chloe Carley

Boston Bride   Salvation is a  Christian Romance  story. The story   is  taken   from the story of David and the Philistines.   The  main character  Fiona   travels to Colorado  in 1877 to meet   her fiance.   This fiance Clayton was  set up with her   by a mail order  arrangement. It  is  unbelievable   that she would trust  a  future   husband with her life  when  she  did not know him at  all or anything about him. She  had a train  ride and  was really tired  when she finally meets Clayton at his ranch. There is no  minister available to marry  them and she felt uncomfortable staying in his house since  she was not married and often alone with him in his house.    He  is a huge disappointment  since He is  abusive  and  He is  an alcoholic.  She is rather  stuck in this  situation  and not  any family  or friends in the area to  help her out. I am sure  she  felt trapped.  The  hired  help   Maria   was not around very much.  When   she  f…
Unwanted Assistant by Evangeline Kelly. This book is a romance. The main character is a billionaire and He suffers a huge tragedy in which his whole family dies except him. He is left with scars which make it hard for him to get close to others. His business partner asked him to hire and an assistant to help him with home and work duties. They start as a business relationship and work at many challenges to have an even better relationship. It is well written .

Love's Sacrifice by Evangeline Kelly

Love Sacrifice by Evangeline Kelly review It is a beautiful story with Avery and Drew. They fall in love fast working in a restaurant. They elope and marry. Soon enough they learn the challenges of loving someone in the midst of their weaknesses. The book is well written and characters well developed. i would say the book is a 4 out of 5. Like Commen

Sons of Thunder book 1 by Susan May Warren

The book Sons of Thunder is a historical fiction with also romance. Sophia ends up being the person both of the brothers fall in love with. The story starts out in Greece and then progresses to America. It takes place during World War II. Both of the brothers experience lots of challenges with the ups and downs of World War II. The book is so well written and hard to put down. The reader feels like you are really part of the story. The writer weaves the Christian verses and values into the story. It is a well recommended story. Both brothers overcome many challenges they face during their lifetime.