When I close my eyes by Elizabeth Musser

"When I Close My Eyes " by Elizabeth Musser is a Christian fiction book. This story deals with important issues like how do people cope physically and emotionally when trauma strikes. and depression. When trauma strikes the patient is faced with lots of emotions like shock, anger , depression. The author describes the characters well and their dilemmas in their lives. The daughters response to the trauma of their Mom is expressed very well. The book is written from the past and then to the present. The reader sees the characters from different ages. I commend the author for addressing the problem of a serious trauma and depression. Often in our society people with depression and trauma are not given what they need to meet their needs. The author put some helpful resources in the back of the book for people dealing with depression. I know that people dealing with depression will receive help from those resources. The…

Lake Season by Denise Hunter

"Lake Season is the first in the Bluebell Inn Romance series" by Denise Hunter. Denise is a well established author. and winner of the Carol Award. The scene is beautiful at Bluebell , North Carolina . It is on a lake and serene and peaceful. There are boats there for the visitors to retreat and recharge. The story unfolds in the charming inn that is owned by the family who are the main characters of the story. The inn is run by the family and is so unique and unusual will draw anyone to it for respite and renewal. The scene is a perfect place for a romance. Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book. It is well written . I enjoyed the book very much. The opinions are my own and not anyone else. I will share my reviews with Amazon, my blog, facebook,

Marriage Triggers by Amber Lia and Guy Lia

Marriage Triggers" is a Christian nonfiction book by  Amber Lie and  Guy Lia. We  live in a stressful and  fast paced world.  There are  many , many challenges  married couples have to  face today.  Couples need to know how to face and approach  these   challenges so their  relationship can  be stronger.   This  book is written by a husband and wife  team.   The   challenges  are approached by  a husband and wife  team so both the  male and female perspectives are presented.   The  issues  are  well presented from a Christian perspective.   It is important to  draw from Christian resources  and  a Christian world view to  solve these  challenges.   The  issues are presented  with a personal approach and very practical.  I highly  recommend this book for  counselors, and  any Christian couple.  The opinions are my own   of  this book.  Thank you to the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book. Thank you  to netgalley  for allowing me to read and review this  very hel…

The Roll of the Drums by Jan Drexler

"The Roll of the Drums" second in the Amish of Weaver's Creek Book series  by Jan Drexler  gives the reader  a peek at what  Amish life is like  .  The  story takes place in 1863. Ruby Weaver  lives with her sister and she is single.   Another family   came to  the  area and asked if they  could  stay  there . . The  book shows the theme  of loyalty  and devotion.  I admire  the  character of  Ruby.  She is  so  steadfast and faithful. and endearing.    The reader will  feel like they  are part of the story. The details of the story  are  so well written.  The  characters  are caught between  following the Amish rules vs   their own integrity.   The opinions of this story are my own.  Thank you to the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book.  Thank you also to netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book.  I am posting my  review on Amazon, my blog, facebook,, Goodreads, for church staff.

When Silence Sings by Sarah Loudin Thomas

When  Silence Sings"  by  Sarah  Loudin Thomas is an historical fiction book.  The  story is  set in the Appalachian   rail town in  West Virginia. in the 1930's.    There has  been a family  feud for  generations with   the McLean's  and the Harpe's.  The   drama  evolves with the  challenges of  the  families  trying to  win the  battles  against the other families.  The characters are very well described and  the   scenes   as well. The reader will feel as  though they have stepped into  these  families and there challenges.  The  book helps you see  what  times were like  during that  era.  Coleman is a Harpe and  works for the railroad. He  has a  rich character and  wants to  bring  God's  love  to these  troubled  families as a preacher.   I  appreciate   Bethany  House  for allowing me to read and review  this  well written  story.  Thank you also  to netgalley. These opinions are only mine and are under no obligation .  I  am posting my review on Goodread…

Mountains of Grace by Kelly Irvin

" Mountains of Grace"  by  Kelly Irvin is  an Amish fiction story.  Mercy Yoder  lives in the mountains of Montana.  She   has to follow the  strict  rules of her Amish  Community.   She ends up having  to   decide  if  she will follow  the  Amish  boyfriend or follow the  Englisher who  lives in Eureka .  Mercy  has a kind and  caring  heart.  She  wants to   go out of her way for  those near to her.  She often  extends herself  in a way  that  hurts her in the end.   What  will happen to the people  when the fires hit  them in a  strong way and   hurt their  safety? This book   compares the  challenges  of the Amish life vs. the English life.   I was  given this book by the publisher , netgalley to read and review.  I am not obligated to  give a positive  review.   I hope the book is  very successful.

Aiming for Love by Mary Connealy

"Aiming for  Love   " (Bridges of  Hope  Mountain Book#1 ) by  Mary  Connealy  is a  Christian  Fiction book. Jo  Nordegren and her  sisters live in the  wild in  southern western Colorado.  They  have  learned how  to live off the land and protect themselves.  When  David  Warden   shows up with his herd and his family how  will    they    get along with   the Nordegren's?   This book  shows  how the Nodegren's  survived   living on the land.  The book is  creatively   written and  shows  what  life is like for  these people  .  I   liked the character  descriptions. I was  given this book from netgalley and the publisher to  read and review  this book.  I appreciate   the opportunity to read and review this book.  I  am not obligated to give  a positive  review.