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Walk On by Ben Malcomson

Here is a review of Walk On by Ben Malcomson . This book is an autobiography of Ben Malcomson. He started out as a journalist for sports. He ended up being very surprised and making the USC football team as a walk on. He enjoyed the huge surprise. He ends up dislocating his shoulder after being in the team a very short time. It was a real disappointment to him. . He needed surgery and rehab and was kicked off the team. He had to work hard to get back on the team. The shoulder injury was a huge trial. He was injured more than He had hoped and had to deal with the ups and downs of recovery. Once He was put on the team his friend started a campaign with a a website getbenin and also all over the campus. Ben decided to try to have a prayer meeting and a Bible study for the team. He was disappointed when hardly anyone showed up. After that He decided to give Bibles to all the team members . He put the the Bibles in each team members locker. Unfortunately
He came back to Bibles being shredde…

As the Tide Comes In by Cindy Woodsmall

"As the Tide Comes in" takes place in the South. The story opens with Tara who has been a foster child wanting to visit a lady who has her brothers. The lady she visits is sick and asks if she can raise the boys after she dies. At first Tara is not sure if she wants to end up being the guardian for the boys. After some time she changes her mind and decides to raise the boys. She lives in North Carolina. One day in a very bad storm she gets seriously injured. . She ends up having a brain injury and needing brain surgery. The boys die in the storm. It takes a long time for Tara to recover from her brain surgery and the losses of the boys. She feels alone since she does not have any other family. She has two good friends Hadley and Erin. She has been friends with them for a long time. They end up supporting her through her trials of her brain surgery recovery and the loss of the boy…

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The Hope for Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham

"The Hope of Azure Springs " is an historical fiction book that shows the life of an orphan during the times of the orphan trains. Em was on the orphan train 7 years ago with her sister. She is separated from her sister on the train and since then has misses and yearned for her every day..She was picked up by George 7 ears before but neglected and abused and not given food. At the start of the book George is killed and she is shot. Caleb the town sheriff takes the case on to find who committed the crime. The Howell family kindly takes on caring for Em. Em finds it difficult to have them care for her but they become very attached her her and learn so much from her. The sheriff stays at the Howell's since He fears for Em's safety and also the Howell family's safety. Em is a beautiful character and the reader will remember how she conquerors so many challenges in such a positive way…

Fearless prayer by Craig Hazen

Here is the review about a practical and helpful Christian book    on prayer.

'Fearless prayer ' is written by Craig Hazen. . The author encourages the reader to climb to deeper levels with God in prayer. He addresses the barriers that believers may have in understanding who God is and the challenges that might keep them from a deeper prayer life. He tells believers to take advantage of the command to ask anything in prayer. He feels believers do not ask and believe in prayer. He also talks about what it means to live in the vine and have our nourishment from the vine and not ourselves. We are to be dependent on the vine and not leaning on our own strength. We are to lean on God first during our daily challenges and not look to ourselves. In America we get used to looking to ourselves to solve our problems and not look to God. Dr. Hazen is a professor on apologetics at Biola and encourages believers to know God for who …

River to Redemption by Ann Gabhart

This  book  River to Redemption will touch your  heart  and make you feel like you really know the  characters and their struggles.   River to Redemption" is an historical fiction book. It takes place in 1833. The book takes place during the time of the cholera epidemic. When the book starts Adria has just lost her parents and brother to cholera. There were many others who also lost their lives. Adria is only 7 years old and so young to suffer so much. She is taken care of immediately by Louis who is a slave. Louis works for George the Hotel owner. Louis ends up burying Louis and many of those who died of cholera. He was a very kind Christian man. Louis cared for Adria for as long as He could but He ended up having the former school teacher's wife care for her. She also had lost her husband and was grieving her loss. She did a wonderful job in raising Adria but also becomes the new town school teacher. She has …