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Unshakeable Hope by Max Lucado

Review of Unshakeable Hope  by Max Lucado:

 Unshakeable Hope is a very helpful and practical book. It draws the reader to remember all the many promises of God. There are promises for our weariness by coming to Him when we are tired . We are to stand and believe the promises of God are for us and can be used in our life. We are stamped with His image.W e do  not  have any condemnation since we are God's . We have been given victory over death according to 1 Cor. 15:54. God also does not like it when we are proud according to 1 Peter 5:5. He guides us to have a humble spirit . We need to know when we pray great things will happen according to James 5:16. He wants us to have an believing heart when we bring prayer requests to Him. Max showed how much He loved His unborn granddaughter before we were born as a comparison with how much God loves us. He also reminded us since people are made in God's image we should treat others with honor and respect since they are made in His image.…