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Forgive your way to Freedom by Gil Mertz review

Forgive your way to Freedom " leads the believer in the importance , how to forgive and what happens to the person who does not forgive. The author is very open about all He has suffered with a father who never told him He loved him until He was dying. He tells the reader how moving it was for his dad to tell him He loved him and then He worked through the needed forgiveness He had to give his dad. The author shared several examples of people who forgave people in very difficult situations . He shared about Corrie ten Boom forgiving those who persecuted her in the Nazi concentration camps. He also shared how Joseph in the Bible was a real example for him. Joseph suffered innocently and never lost God's promises and also focused on God's purposes. He was put in prison for not a valid reason and was mistreated by his brothers. He restored his broken relationships and made sure He had peace with God. When we fail to forgiv…

Hope in the Dark by Craig Groeschel

You will find the review   below of  Hope in the Dark  by Craig  Groeschel.
The book Hope in the Dark is a practical, personal teaching on how to approach trials. It is a very valuable tool for the Christian life. He uses the prophet Habakkuk faced trials as He watched the injustices in his country. He approaches trials in these steps: doubting, waiting, embracing and with God's goodness. He thanks God for who He is first and then thanks Him for all He is doing in His life. God's character ; such as , His faithfulness, sovereignty, kindness, mercifulness, slow to anger,, every present, all knowing, just, holy, loving is what the author tells the reader to focus on during trials. We can count on His qualities in our life even when things are changing and difficult around us. We can look to the Lord God to see us through the storms by viewing the trials through is character which is constant and unchanging. God h…

Unshakeable Hope by Max Lucado

Review of Unshakeable Hope  by Max Lucado:

 Unshakeable Hope is a very helpful and practical book. It draws the reader to remember all the many promises of God. There are promises for our weariness by coming to Him when we are tired . We are to stand and believe the promises of God are for us and can be used in our life. We are stamped with His image.W e do  not  have any condemnation since we are God's . We have been given victory over death according to 1 Cor. 15:54. God also does not like it when we are proud according to 1 Peter 5:5. He guides us to have a humble spirit . We need to know when we pray great things will happen according to James 5:16. He wants us to have an believing heart when we bring prayer requests to Him. Max showed how much He loved His unborn granddaughter before we were born as a comparison with how much God loves us. He also reminded us since people are made in God's image we should treat others with honor and respect since they are made in His image.…