A Cowboy to Save Esmeralda

Nancy Larimer reviewed A Cowboy to Save Esmeralda on Goodreads — 4 star
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4/5: A Cowboy to Save Esmeralda : A Christian Historical Romance Novel is a wonderful book. Esmeralda is one of the main characters. She loses her Mother in the beginning of the story. Her mother had an aunt who was supposed to care for her when her mother died. Rosa is the Mother. She and her aunt are so different. Her Aunt Maria takes her by train to Colorado to work with her for a family on a ranch. Esmeralda is a Catholic with high moral standards. The conflicts arise when she realizes her lifestyle is very different from her aunt's . She continues to work for the family which is the Trowbridge  ..family even  though she has this  Aunt Maria  who has  values that do not match her own.   She  wonders how she  can live  with the secrets of Aunt Maria's   lifestyle changes which  are not morally correct.  She  also has to live  with learning  if  Will's  attention is  what  she wants to accept.  He  is not  appearing as conservative as she is  and   continues to pursue her  affections.  What  will Esmeralda  do  when   Liam  the youngest child in the Trowbridge family is  captured and what  will happen in the end?   How is the story reborn with the correct   values in life.   ?    What happens to Maria and  does she  continue   her morally incorrect values?     Does the  cowboy  Will really save Esmeralda?    


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