Forgive your way to Freedom by Gil Mertz review

Forgive your way to Freedom "   leads the believer in the  importance , how to forgive and what happens to  the person who does not forgive.  The author is  very open  about all He  has  suffered with a father who never told him  He loved him until He  was dying.  He   tells the reader how moving it was  for his  dad to tell him He loved him and then  He worked through the needed forgiveness  He had to give his dad. The  author  shared  several examples of people who   forgave  people in very difficult  situations  . He  shared about  Corrie ten Boom   forgiving those  who persecuted her  in the Nazi   concentration camps.  He also   shared how Joseph  in the Bible was a  real example  for him. Joseph suffered innocently and never lost God's promises   and also focused on God's purposes. He  was   put  in prison for not a valid reason  and  was mistreated by his  brothers. He  restored his broken relationships and made sure He had peace with God.  When  we fail to  forgive  others  we can get sick , hurt  our relationships and  waste  our  daily productive  energy and  not live  each day productively for the Lord.  Jesus is our example and  forgave us for our sins. There are several myths  that are described  about  forgiveness in the book so we know  we may not  think the correct way   about forgiveness . IN the  beginning and end of the book there is an   self evaluation of  forgiveness .   This evaluation can help us  measure how much  work we need to   grow in  forgiving more.     We  start with accepting   Christ's forgiveness,  . He is our model and then we can model forgiveness for others. How can any of us   afford to not forgive  as  God  calls us to forgive?    We also   need to remember to forgive ourselves  which may even be the hardest form of forgiveness.  Are  you  ready to take the plunge  and  work through the concept of  forgiveness?  "Forgive Your Way to  Forgiveness " is on  Netgalley for   to be read  and reviewed  prior  to the release date   by the publisher's permission. I appreciate   the opportunity to read and share  this  wonderful book with others.  It is a great  opportunity for  Christians  to learn and  challenge themselves to  grow in their faith.
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