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Irresistibly Yours a Walden Beach Novel by Andrea Boyd

This book is a romantic  novel and takes place in the south.   It  takes place on the beach  . The main  characters  are Bo, Vivian,  Izzy,  Gabe, Nicole, Amie,  and other church friends.   Bo  meets  Vivian in the beginning of the book. Vivian was in a car accident and needed help. Bo  did not even know her.   Vivian  had lost her husband not too long ago  at that point.  Bo   was a car mechanic.   Bo had  also lost his spouse  a  few years back.   Amie is  Vivian's  estranged daughter who got  married  just before Vivian's husband  died .  Bo  sees Vivian over and over  at the beach and at church with friends . Vivian   is  rather cautious and  timid about developing a relationship with  Bo. She suffers from hurt from the   past husband who had an affair and  also  from Amie   not having any  connection with her.     The  reader would wonder what  will happen  with  Vivian and Bo ? What will happen with Vivian and Amie ?   Will Vivian be able to forgive Amie and  Craig for a…

Quest for Leviathan by Amanda Tero

This  book is classified as historical fiction by the author.   It   is a  voyage  by Anath who  tries to kill Leviathan. He  prepares for his voyage for 3 years.   Anath wants to get Leviathan   back. The wise man in his  town warns him to be careful   of Leviathan and not take the  voyage.  He  still wants to take this    voyage and   get some revenge.    The  pictures are   beautiful .  The story is  taken from scripture and   weaves in    wonderful  parallels  with scripture.  What  will happen to  Anath and will He be able to   defend himself from Leviathan?

The Viscount in Hiding by Emma Evans

This book is a romance and takes place in the 1800 in London. The characters are well developed and draw the reader closely in with their conflicts. Lord Morton had taken some time away from London. At the beginning of the book He returns to London. He has the reputation of returning in and out of relationships with women. Juliette is a commoner and her brother is responsible for her since her parents have passed away. She runs away to where Lord Morton's estate is and eventually ends up being the housekeeper for Lord Morton. Lord Morton has no idea why Juliette is rather reserved and cautious around him until Juliette's brother Lord Perriman breaks into the estate and attempts to capture Juliette. The reader will have to wonder goes she get away? What happens to Juliette and what happens to Lord Morton? Will Juliette be safe from her abusive brother? The story shows life in the high class society of London. The reader may grow to like the character of Juliette who is placed i…