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Reclaiming Sanity Hope and Healing for trauma, stress and overwhelming life events by Dr. Lauren Shaler

Here is the review for Reclaiming  Sanity:
Review for Celebration Lit: 
Reclaiming Sanity Hope and Healing for Trauma, Stress and overwhelming Life Events by Dr. Lauren Shaler 
This book addresses the trauma and struggle people go through after a loss of various kinds. Dr. Shaler is a social worker, author , counselor , professor, speaker. She has wonderful experience and examples of people that have gone through post traumatic stress and uses their examples to teach others how to handle their stress. She used to work for the Department of Veteran Affairs as a counselor and specialized in trauma. Her book is written in several parts. She first explains what it is to have PSTD. In the second part she tells the reader how to get their life back .She also addresses the myths we have about how we handle our losses and how to look at the myths differently. She also teaches specific coping mechanisms for those going through PSTD. She ends with how to get your peace back. This book has a positi…

Auschwitz Lullaby by Mario Escobar

Here is my review of  Auschwitz  Lullaby:
Auschwitz Lullaby" by Mario Escobar is a historical fiction book that takes place during World War 11. It is moving and tells the story of a mother of five's story during an Auschwitz prison. She was a nurse and offered to work in the prison. She witnessed many heart breaking events. She tried to help and protect her children while she was in the prison. She could hardly protect them from the mean guards that ran the prison. She was asked to set up a nursery which was a way she could make life better for the children who suffered to survive each day. It was a good book but reminded me and showed me how terrible the prisons were at that time. I kept wondering how this all could have really happened. I appreciate netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book. I will be sharing my review on Amazon, facebook, my blog, Goodreads.

Still in the Game by Devon Still

Still in the Game Finding the Faith to Handle Life's Biggest Challenges. by Devon Still is a nonfiction sports book about Devon's life. Devon   was born to very supportive  parents.  They  encouraged him to  go far in life.  He   faced one  challenge in life after another.  He   did well in football and basketball.  He   had several   body injuries but  kept moving forward in life.  He   teaches  and challenges the reader to move forward   when they face obstacles  daily and not give up. His life is  very inspiring. This book will  show  teenagers what happens when you make  good vs bad choices . It  will encourage them to think  to choose the best God honoring decisions in life.  He   became an NFL  star.   He did all He could to  support his  daughter Leah  in her  fight  against cancer.   He   went the  extra mile to show his  daughter how much He  wanted to be there for her. He supported her  fight when He  was in the NFL.  It is a very moving book .  It would be excellent…

Prayers of Blessing Over My Marriage by Bruce Wilkinson

Here is the review for  Prayers of Blessing Over My Marriage by  Bruce Wilkinson. "Prayers of Blessings over My Marriage" by Bruce Wilkinson is nonfiction and practical for every day living for a marriage. The book covers very relevant topics in each chapter. It addresses these topics: Christ, Spiritual growth, sexual intimacy, fault finding, blessing, emotional support, peace , attraction, influence, focus, attentiveness, favor. It is a practical and helpful book. It will help any marriage. It is rich with wisdom and practical advice. The reader can use this book over and over for their marriage and other marriages as well. This book would be very helpful in a counseling situation for pastors and others doing lay counseling. It is a good book to recommend to friends. I really believe this book will strengthen and build up any marriage. Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read and review this excellent book. I will…

Burden of Proof by DiAnn Mills

Burden of Proof " by DiAnn Mills was read through netgalley.. It is a fiction, fast paced thriller book. April Ramos is an FBI agent who is caught in several difficult situations : an infant who was abducted in front of her eyes, Jason Snyder accused of murder, and keeping a man from suicide after job challenges. She is drawn into the case of Jason Snyder being accused of murder when his daughter is kidnapped in front of her. She is immediately helping Jason deal with his accusations. Jason holds her hostage against her will . He also gets his parents involved in helping protect his child after she is rescued by April. April guides Jason in this constant action and accusations. What will become of Jason and April. ? Who is at fault for the murder? How do Jason and April deal with the constant accusations and trials in the book? How will the many puzzles be solved? The book is hard to put down. It challenges t…

The Life and Faith Field Guide for Parents: Help Your Kids Learn Practical Life Skills, Develop Essential Faith Habits, and Embrace a Biblical Worldview Paperback – February 5, 201

Here is the  review of  :"The Life and Faith Field Guide for Parents " by Joe Carter is an excellent resource for parents. This book is broken down into categories: Skills and habits for Bible engagement,skills and habits for interacting with God, skills and habits for interacting with other people, skills and habits for discernment and decision making, skills and habits for mental and physical health, skills and habits for character development, skills and habits for engaging the culture, skills and habits for managing conflict,skills and habits for evangelism. The book teaches the parent how to teach your child each aspect of the Christian life. It goes step by step. It also shows how to read the Bible and breaks down the Bible in categories. It show the parent and the Christian how to have a daily quiet time and how to memorize God's word. There is a step by step guide now how to make decisions, how to forgive, how to handle criticism.…