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Eat at Home Tonight by Tiffiny King

Nancy Larimer5 mins ·  Eat at Home Tonight: 101 Simple Busy-Family Recipes for Your Slow Cooker, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot, and More Kindle Edition
by Tiffany King (Author)Tiffany King is a meal planning expert. She knows how to write a wonderful cookbook for the busy consumer. There are a large variety of recipes in the cookbook. The recipes can be cooked up in a very short time. The recipes are healthy. The book is a wonderful edition and helpful since people are so busy these days.

My Heart Belongs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado Millie's Resolve by Rebecca Jepsen

This  book  #Heart  Belongs In Glenwood Springs#, Colorado  is  well written.  It is  takes place in Glenwood Springs, Colorado in  1888.   Millie is from Nantucket.  Her Father was a fisherman and she  became a nurse.  She left  Nantucket  to   get away after  being hurt in   a relationship with    a son in the Drexel family.  They  were a prominent family. She  worked for a   well liked  doctor when she lived in Colorado.   She  enjoyed   working with Dr. Murphy  and  the   patients as well.  She    suddenly encounters  one of the Drexel  family son's    with an important request to take care of  his mother. He  has no other options for her care at this time and   wonders  what  to do.  Millie  is  faced with a challenging situation   when she  cares   for his mother and    sister in law and then what   becomes of her life in the future after all of this.  The   character  of  Millie  so loving   as she faces lots of obstacles.    The Christian  values are woven i…

I Declare War by Levi Lusko review practical advice for the Christian life

#I  Declare War# is  Lusko's   way  of  having us look at the areas  that hold us back  in our Christian life.  Paul  talked about  how He  wanted to do   something but   was hindered.     The    book is excellent and very personable.  He  warns  Christians to be ready   for the battle like a soldier is ready with his armor. He   talked   about how your   words  can be harmful  and like a weapon.  He   shared  his struggle with   bridling  his   tongue  after   having  difficult   middle school  years with bullying.  He   draws the reader into the book with such personal  examples.   He   talked also about how   we must train our  mind to be positive  like the navy seals are told.  They  view any  obstacle   from a  positive angle.   Lusko  goes on to teach  keys   to overcome  the battle with yourself which we all face.   There is  a DVD   series and a study   guide for the book.   The  book would  be excellent for a  Men's or Women's  Bible study  group. It  would  work …