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The Mending by Susan Lanz Simpson

Here is the review of The Mending by Susan Lanz  Simpson:
"The mending " is an Amish fiction book. It is about the challenges Melinda faces with being Amish and also having crohn's disease. She is the only daughter in her family. She has brothers. She goes to help her aunt in the beginning of the book and ends up in the hospital with her crohn's disease flaring up. She had a hard time overcoming the challenges of gaining weight and getting beyond this flare up. An English doctor there in the hospital takes a liking to her and continues to pursue her once she is home. She does not want any connection with him due to her desire to remain with the Amish way of life. She wants to marry and have children but is torn with the feelings that her health issues could be a financial and emotional burden on her future husband. She is pursued by Tim who accepts her health condition and loves her dearly. Will sh…

Lies men Believe

'Lies  Men  Believe' is   a non fiction book.  It  addresses the lies men   have in their thinking and    then directly    points to what the truth   what the thinking  should be. This  book   addresses the   concept that   We can not earn  God''s favor .   Our  standing with God  is  based on what God has done for  us in dying on the cross.   We are created in God's  image and not what others say.  Another lie is  I have a right  to be angry when  things do not go my  way. We  do not have a right to be angry.   This  book is  very freeing since  it   addresses many   ways  of thinking  that can put men in a trap and  keep them from  moving ahead in their  Christian life and their life in general.  It is  well written and personable   The  wife of the author  wrote  the  book Lies Women  Believe and this  book is the men's   version   .   I would recommend this book for  pastors,   any  Christian man.  It  will  help you  grown in your life as a Christian.    …

This is the Day by Tim Tebow ( inspirational Christian Non fiction)

Comments  Tim Tebow talks about how he dreams and what He does to use His days for the Lord. He uses every opportunity possible to reach out to those who are hurting in front of him. He show the reader how to reach out to those in front of him who walk with a walker or can not walk from an amputation or other injury. He shares how He can always find hurting people in the airports. He also has a Foundation that reaches out to orphans, sick people . He shares about how He really likes to reach out to people with special needs. He talked about the Special night the Foundation has all over the US for the special needs young adults to be pampered and treated for a night to be special .It is like a prom for the special need population. He also talked about a child who was burned in the Philippines and did not have money to get treatment. His hospital in the Philippines helped her get the medical care she needed. Tim reminds us to go to the well when we need recharging and He will meet …

Faith in the Shadows Finding Christ in the Midst of Doubt by Austin Fisher

Faith in the Shadows reaches out to answer many questions about Christianity. So often people do not get their answers to their questions. The author says it is good to have questions. He addresses the problem of evil, hell, science and how God can fit with the questions in these areas. He encourages people to look for the answers and seek God in the midst of the answers. He tells believers to not stop believing when they have questions and God can meet us where are questions are. So often people stop following the Lord when they have doubts. The Lord can meet us where we have doubts and cares about our doubts. He is faithful. When we have the answers to our doubts we have a more secure and firm faith. This book "Faith in the Shadows" was given to me by the publisher and netgalley for review purposes only . I appreciate this opportunity to read and review this book.

Life Changing Prayers How God Displays His Power to Ordinary People by Michael Youssef

Life Changing Prayers is well written and teaches the believer how to pray . It uses examples of people in the Bible like Eliezer, Hannah, David, Jonah, Habakkuk and Mary in the Bible. Eliezer was persistent in prayer. Hannah prayed with an openness to God about her desire to get pregnant and have a child. David prayed with mercy and justice. Jonah prayed with despair for Ninevah. He did not like the immoral lifestyle there and found it hard to go and speak to the people as God wanted him to do. Habakkuk prayed with an openness about his concerns about his country. Mary prayed a song of praise. The author also shared other personal examples to encourage people to pray. The book is well written and encourages the people to keep praying. The book was given to me for review purposes only by Baker Books. I am a blogger and I am not obligated to give a positive review.

Prayer Coin by Elisa Morgan

The Prayer Coin is by Elisa Morgan. It is a wonderful book that teaches step by step how to pray. She uses a coin and the minting process to illustrated her method. Jesus struggled in the Garden of Gethsemane with taking the cup of abandoning his will to die for and then accepting His will for him. We also need to abandon our desires in prayer and let His will guide what He wants us to do. The book also addresses questions we may have about prayer. This book has a study guide . The author also shared her journal with the reader so they know how to practice and apply the principles. The author asked the reader how they will apply the principles after reading the book. I appreciate the publisher and netgalley for letting me read this book and write a review.

First Love by Beverly Lewis

The First Love by Beverly Lewis is a wonderful book. It gives such insights into the life of the Amish and in particular Maggie. Maggie has arthritis and has such a difficulty walking and with pain. She has several brothers and sisters. Her Mother died recently when the book opens and within a year of losing her Mother her Dad remarries Rachel who became her step mother. It is not easy for Maggie or the other children in the family to get used to Rachel when they miss their mother. Her Mennonite cousins invite Maggie to the tent evangelical meetings in the 1950s. She attended several times and hopes for her healing. The minister's son Glenn is very kind to her and shared about his healing that occurred during the tent meetings. Maggie experiences a real spiritual transformation during these tent meetings. She learns to love God's word and love the Lord. The book is very tender and …

Letter to a grieving Heart

Letter to a Grieving Heart   is   a   page by page  personal story to guide people on how   to deal with grief.  The author is   very open with his  trials and struggles with grief.   His  story would make someone  who is  grieving   feel as though they are not alone.  He  makes the  tears  of grief so   needed and  okay for  those who go through such difficulties as a hard loss.  He  shares some songs He has written.  He    shares how much it has  meant to him to   have others walk the  difficult  journey and  care for him  in  such specific and special ways.  This  book  would  be good to give to someone who  is  grieving.  I like the leaves   that  are throughout the book.  They are  very soothing and comforting.     I  appreciate this opportunity to read this  book and  review it .