Fearless prayer by Craig Hazen

Here is the review about a practical and helpful Christian book    on prayer.

'Fearless prayer  ' is  written by  Craig Hazen.  .  The  author encourages    the reader to  climb to deeper levels with God in prayer.  He  addresses the   barriers  that  believers may have  in understanding who God is   and   the challenges that might keep them from a deeper  prayer  life. He   tells  believers to take advantage of the command to ask anything in prayer.  He  feels believers do not  ask  and believe in prayer.   He  also   talks  about what  it means to live in the vine and  have our nourishment from the vine and not ourselves.  We  are  to be dependent on the vine and  not leaning on our own strength.   We are to   lean on  God first during  our  daily challenges and not look to ourselves.  In  America we get used to looking  to  ourselves to solve our problems and not look to God.   Dr. Hazen is  a professor on apologetics at  Biola and encourages   believers to know God for who He is and not who  we may think He is..   He  challenges believer to higher  levels in prayer with God  .  Will you   allow  God to bring you to higher levers!  This  book was give  to me  by ebook for review purposes by netgalley. I will be sharing my reviews with facebook, , my blog,   Christian  book distributors, amazon,   goodreads, my  pastors and   a friend who is a library at a Church.   Thank you for this opportunity to read this book.
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