The Hope for Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham

"The Hope of Azure  Springs  "   is an historical fiction  book   that  shows  the life  of an orphan   during   the times of the orphan  trains.   Em  was on the orphan train  7 years  ago with her sister.  She is separated from her   sister on the train and   since  then has misses and yearned for her every day..She   was picked up  by George  7 ears before  but   neglected and  abused and not given  food.  At the start of the book George is  killed and she is  shot.   Caleb  the town  sheriff    takes the case on to find   who committed the crime.  The Howell  family kindly takes  on  caring  for  Em.   Em finds it difficult to have  them care for her but  they   become very attached her  her  and learn so much from her.    The  sheriff stays   at  the Howell's since He fears for  Em's  safety and  also  the Howell  family's  safety.    Em is a beautiful  character and  the  reader will remember  how she   conquerors  so many  challenges in such a positive way.    Will Em  find her sister Lucy?       Will the crime be solved?    What will  happen to Caleb  after all He  sees from this case?    This is a book  I would highly recommend to anyone.  It is so hard to put  down.   I was  given this  copy by ebook from  Netgalley to  review and read . I appreciate this  opportunity and  will  post reviews on facebook, Christian book,  Goodreads, Amazon,  my blog,  , shrre with a couple of pastors and a friend who is a church librarian.


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