River to Redemption by Ann Gabhart

This  book  River to Redemption will touch your  heart  and make you feel like you really know the  characters and their struggles.   River to Redemption" is an historical fiction book. It takes place in 1833. The book takes place during the time of the cholera epidemic. When the book starts Adria has just lost her parents and brother to cholera. There were many others who also lost their lives. Adria is only 7 years old and so young to suffer so much. She is taken care of immediately by Louis who is a slave. Louis works for George the Hotel owner. Louis ends up burying Louis and many of those who died of cholera. He was a very kind Christian man. Louis cared for Adria for as long as He could but He ended up having the former school teacher's wife care for her. She also had lost her husband and was grieving her loss. She did a wonderful job in raising Adria but also becomes the new town school teacher. She has such a heart for the children and Adria as well. Adria develops a really strong character and value system against slavery after all Louis did for the town. She developed principles and did all she could to save and help the slaves. What will become The f Louis after George dies and the slaves in his household are sold? What will Adria do for the slaves? Where is the river of redemption? This book was given by netgalley to be read for review purposes. This review will be shared on my blog, Christian book distributors, Amazon, Goodreads and to a friend who runs a library at her church. It is a highly recommended book and I am sure it will be a success!

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