As the Tide Comes In by Cindy Woodsmall

"As  the Tide Comes in"  takes place in the  South.   The story opens with Tara  who has  been a foster  child  wanting to  visit a lady  who   has  her  brothers.    The lady she  visits  is sick and asks if she can   raise the boys after  she dies.   At first  Tara is    not sure if she wants to   end up being the guardian for  the boys.   After  some time she changes her mind and  decides to raise the  boys.    She  lives in  North  Carolina.  One  day  in a very bad  storm  she  gets  seriously injured. .   She  ends up  having a brain injury  and needing  brain surgery.  The  boys  die in the storm.  It  takes a long time for Tara  to  recover from her  brain surgery  and the losses  of the boys.   She   feels alone  since  she  does not  have any other   family.  She  has  two  good friends  Hadley and Erin.   She  has  been friends  with them for a long time. They   end up supporting   her   through  her  trials of   her brain surgery recovery  and the loss of the boys.   In the midst of her   trials she  decides to   go to St. Simon's  Island in  Georgia to recover.    What   happens to  Tara  in the midst of her  recovery?     What   happens when the tide comes  in  and   what  does  she lose?  How    does her life  improve or change after all she  has  been through.?   This  book  shows the challenges of  those   who are faced with loss,   have  a foster back round.  It  leaves  the reader   learning  about    how  challenges can be overcome.  It is a good  book  .  I highly recommend the book.  I    am thankful to the publisher and netgalley for  giving me this opportunity to read and review this book. I will  post my review on  my blog ,  facebook Amazon,   Christian book distributors,  Goodreads.


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