Hearts in Harmony by Beth Wiseman

Hearts in Harmony " by   Beth Wiseman is  the first book in the Amish Journey  series. This  book    tells the story of Levi  who is from a  strict  Amish town  and Mary  who is from another town which is more liberal.   Levi and Mary attended a funeral of Adeline's  husband.  They  went with their  families and met  each other when they were 10  .   They  did not see each other for  years and then  saw each other  when Adeline had a   estate sale  .  She   needed the money and  sold  many   furniture and other items in her house to survive.  After the sale she  even slept on the ground.   Levi   and Mary  told Adeline they wanted to see  her  weekly  to help  her  with yard work and outside  chores.    Levi  had   a talent for playing the piano. He  was not allowed  to play   according to the   Amish  district  rules where He lives.  He  struggled with these rules  since He loved to play the piano.   Both Levi and Mary  where so  concerned about Adeline    being  very old , living alone  and trying to survive.   What happens with  Levi and Mary's  relationship?  How  do they learn  to blend the  strict  vs the liberal  Amish  rules.  ?    What happens with Adeline?     This  book is  written in a personal style and  the conflicts with  the Amish  rules, their care and concern for Adeline  draws the  reader to really enjoy the book. Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book.  I appreciate it so much. 


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