Worry Less, Pray More by Donna Maltese

"Worry Less, Pray More  "  by  Donna Maltese is  a  Women's  devotional. It  has  180  readings.  It is so personal and speaks to those people who struggle with being anxious.  The devotional  shows the Christian how God can calm  you and give you peace.  He  asks the Christian to give all of their worries to God.  We  often try to carry our worries but He does not want us to do that.  He  commands us to  give them to Him.  He can give us the  comfort and peace we need   moment by moment.  The author writes as if she understands how it is to be anxious  and wants others to learn how to have peace in the midst of the troubles we  all face.   Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read and review   this book. It is  a good resource for  Christian Women.


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