Breach of Trust by Rachel Dylan

Review of  Breach of Trust  by Rachel Dylan:
Breach of  Trust is the  3rd book in the  Atlanta  Justice  series.  It is a legal suspense   book.    Mia   works  for a  group of  lawyers.  Her friend  and colleague   has  been working   on an important case for the law  group.    She finds her friend   murdered which  brings up many questions.   She  finds out  her  friend was hiding  information from  his  client.  She  struggles to overcome her  grief and  also wants  justice done   for this horrible act of violence. She agrees  to take  over for one of her friend's  cases.   The  person who is accused of  murdering her  friend is a friend of  security tech  Noah Ramirez.   Noah is convinced  did not   murder   Mia's friend.   There are many  questions to be solved with  who is the  person who murdered her  friend and  how will the case be solved.   Noah   develops a relationship with  Mia and tries to  win her  affections.   Will He   be able to draw her to himself?  How  will the case turn out?  This  book is  exciting , suspenseful and hard to  put down.   The  reader is constantly asking what will happen next. I  was given this book  by  the publisher and netgalley for  review purposes  only.  I appreciate this opportunity to read and review  this   very interesting book. 


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