Desperate Hope by Elizabeth Camden

A  Desperate Hope  is  an historical fiction book.  It is the   3rd book in the Empire State  series but  can be read as a stand alone book.  The  two  main characters  are Eloise and Alex Duvall..    They   grew up in   the  town of  Duvall Springs and were friends  but   were  separated at 16  by a parent.   At  that  age  they    liked each other.   Years later   Eloise is working   for a very large accounting firm  in New  York City.  She  is  very  successful.  She is  working on  the largest engineering project in 1908   in New York.  New York City needs an irrigation  system to help  provide clean water  and  Duvall  Springs   in the area  where the   irrigation system is planning.   Eloise is  given the job  to   access the  value of the homes and   get the demotion  done  of the  city.  She is working for the government to plan  the  project.  The town is  run by  Alex  Duvall  as the mayor.  She  has mixed emotions  about  dealing with   all of the facets of the  project.   She  remembers  the   past emotions with Alex  but must  get her business at hand done.   It is challenging to   deal with  determining the  values of the homes and  dealing with the residents who  will have to be moved to higher ground.   Alex  wants to  save his town and  also get Eloise  back for himself. He  has  been looking for Eloise for years. Her   Guardian Bruce  Garrett  does not like  Alex, Bruce  is  very   wealthy.    Alex lives in the town tavern with his   brother and his family.   Duvall Springs has a personal feeling  .The  people in the town know each other  well.    The  book  takes lots of  twists and turns and  leads the  reader to wonder what will happen next  with Eloise and Alex,  and  Duvall Springs.    Will  Eloise and Alex and   end up together.?    Will the  town be moved?   The  story  has good  historical back round and  also the romantic  twists.  The  cover is beautiful.  The  author  invited  me  to be part of  her  street team  which is supposed to prepare for the book launch  by reading and reviewing the book.  The book  was  given to me by  netgalley and  Bethany  House  graciously to read and   review. The  opinions of the book are   mine. Thank you so much   to  Bethany House  and Elizabeth Camden for allowing me to read and review this wonderful book. I   hope the book is  really successful and  I am  excited for the launch day today!


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